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On the 23rd of October, 1956, a revolution broke out in Budapest as a protest against communist dictatorship, state terror and Soviet occupation. It developed into a fight for freedom in a short time, but was crushed quickly by communist authorities and the Soviet army. In spite of the defeat, this series of events was a landmark that made the first crack in the structure of the dictatorship of the proletariat, its con-sequences eventually leading to the downfall of communism.

This album presents the most important moments of the revolution in chronological order.
It is illustrated with a variety of contemporary photos, some being published for the first time. Brief explanations aid a better understanding of the background of the events, shedding light on the person of martyred Prime Minister Imre Nagy, as well as on the biography of the country's subsequent leader, János Kádár. Facts about the so-called Molotov-cocktail, the legendary water-polo semifinal at the Melbourne Olympics and the falling of the Iron Curtain decades later are also included.

This fascinating work portrays in a spectacular way one of the most magnificent chapters of Hungarian history: the country's fight for freedom and independence.

Hungarian Revolution 1956

Writted and edited by Ákos Réthly
Design by Tímea Adrián
Publisher's reader: László Eörsi, historian

Size: 233x160 mm
Length: 56+4 pages
Published in October, 2006
Language: Hungarian (also available in English and German)
Price: 2.450 HUF

ISBN 963 86881 5 7 (hungarian)
ISBN 963 86881 6 5 (english)
ISBN 963 86881 7 3 (deutsch)

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Publisher: Premier Press Kiadó, Budapest
Address: Premier Press Kft. Budapest 1223 Memento Park, Balatoni út - Szabadkai utca (Hungary)
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